How Brazilian Business are on track to a new age of Social Responsability and Value? 


The Comunitas

Comunitas is a Brazilian civil society organization whose mission is to contribute to improving corporate social investments and stimulating the role of the private sector in the country’s social and economic development.

Through partnerships with various stakeholders, Comunitas stimulates and fosters joint actions with the common goal to promoting sustainable development. The organization is supported by leaders of large companies who are engaged in the Comunitas programs, such as the BISC (Benchmarking of Social Corporate Investment), the Meeting of Leaders and the Program ‘Together for Sustainable Development’ to improve municipal government administration.

Comunitas believes that Brazilian companies can contribute to overcoming economic and social problems in different regions of the country, by sharing specialized knowledge and management tools that guarantee greater efficiency in the public sector and, thus, contribute to Brazil’s social development. To achieve this, Comunitas relies on a series of networking activities to establish new standards for partnerships that will transform the reality of Brazilian cities.


Leader’s Annual Meeting

Since 2008, the Leaders’ Meeting has been held as a platform for mobilization among Brazilian business leaders to reflect on their role in the country’s development.

The forum promote the discussion of strategic actions for the sustainable socio-environmental development of the country and aim to articulate the main decision makers on the social actions undertaken by large companies.


Why collaborate with public management?

Juntos Program (Together for the Sustainable Development) has emerged, with the proposal of a shared governance that aims to unite the civil society in search of one unique purpose: a more efficient public management.

Juntos is composed of public and private leaderships, and stimulates the participation of the civil society on the collaborative construction of solutions to improve the public services offered to the citizens.


The Juntos Program



Juntos Program in 2019

Juntos Program passes by also assisting the state management, with the entrance of state entities of great relevance to the country: São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul e Goiás. They come together with Pará, where a successful experience focused on fiscal balance and innovation has been done throughout 2018

The cities remain the locus for experimentation and continuous refletion to the improvement of policies in large scale. On the other hand, in the States, actions will focus on articulation with the Federal Government, as well as replicability in cities seeking more impact and scale. This completes the cycle in the search of an efficient management and better services to the citizens.



Government counterparties




What do we want to achieve?

All the actions of the “Juntos” Program are developed with the goal of contribution so that municipal managers become key players in the construction of a transparent public administration that is open to dialogue with society, capable of responding to the demands for social policies with efficiency, quality and responsibility.



Juntos performance







Juntos performance on the states




Strengthening public leadership

Qualify, encourage and recognize talents with transformative potential in public management at 3 levels:  political, strategical and operational. Dozens of scholarships in postgraduate and master’s degrees awarded to leaders, secretaries and servers.




Mayors in Columbia University

Designed in partnership with Columbia Global Centers | Rio de Janeiro and Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), the course was an unprecedented initiative that offers Brazilian mayors, as well as several public, private and public management leaders, the tools needed to solve problems and improve results.

Focusing on leadership, innovation, and governance, the training addresses themes such as innovative partnerships, public ethics, workforce development, smart cities, digital democracy, and sustainability.



Rede Juntos digital plataform

Digital platform for knowledge exchange in public management led by Comunitas local brings together several exclusive contents, in forms of text, books, podcast, articles and videos, besides the possibility to understand in more detail about the projects with the manager himself – be mayor, director or municipal secretary.

  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Paths of knowledge


To get to know access:



Juntos Program quoted in Book wrote by Howard Buffett

The recently released book “Social Value Investing: A Management Framework for Effective Partnerships” has not even hit the shelves yet, but is on the verge of becoming indispensable for actors involved with corporate social investment.

The only Brazilian case on the book, Juntos Program appears as a worldwide example of a new way of overcoming old socioeconomic challenges of society.




Case Study in New York

Columbia University has developed a case study, called Building the 21st Century City Governance, on the performance of the Juntos Program in Brazil.

The material is being used in the Leadership in a Challenging Century program at Columbia University.

The Juntos study now composes the library of studies on best public management practices that the University offers its master’s students at the New York University.






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